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Modplan adds further value to its marketing support package

Modplan’s reputation for providing a genuinely valuable marketing support package looks set to be enhanced with the publication of a stunning new consumer-focused brochure. Heidi Sachs, Modplan’s Managing Director said, “Having high quality literature to give to consumers can really help installers to close a sale. This brochure, which features all Modplan’s products in a consumer-friendly way, has been designed to do exactly that.”

The brochure, which can be overprinted with installers’ details to personalise it, certainly has been designed with the consumer in mind. Packed full of stylish photographs of product installations, plus benefit-driven text, it takes the consumer on a journey through the Modplan range. With sections on windows, doors and conservatories, it has information on everything a homeowner might need. It also features jargon-free sections on Window Energy Ratings, energy efficiency, security and the new MTCs to help consumers make the right choice when it comes to investing in their home.

Heidi says, “In these economic times, consumers are more concerned than ever that they are making the right decisions when it comes to home improvements. The brochure has been designed to show consumers that they can get beautiful products that meet the latest environmental standards and the most stringent levels of security.”

Heidi explains why her company introduced the brochure by saying. “We know our customers understand that Modplan’s products offer superb quality. But these days, that’s not enough. Installers need a support package that’s second to none too. We want to add value to our customers’ businesses through the quality of our products and the quality of our support. The consumer brochure is just one example of that.”

It’s not the only example, either. Alongside the consumer brochure, Modplan has also just published a product awareness guide. With detailed technical information on all products, it’s been designed to be a one stop guide to the Modplan range for installers. It’s just another example of the Modplan difference and demonstrates just how committed the company is to supporting its customers.

Both the consumer brochure and product awareness guide are available now. To order your copies or find out more about what Modplan has to offer, call 01495 246844 or email [email protected]