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Modplan doubles VS production capacity due to increasing demand

Leading trade fabricator Modplan has just announced that increased demand for its VEKA vertical sliders has seen it move production to a dedicated facility, doubling capacity in the process. Heidi Sachs, Modplan’s Managing Director, said of the move, “Over the past 12 months demand for the VEKA vertical slider has grown steadily and consistently, hence the decision to expand capacity and dedicate plant to it. The move will allow us to maintain our efficient service for our customers.”

Heidi says that the vertical slider is proving popular with three types of customer. The first is installers who have added vertical sliders to their portfolio and found the combination of traditional looks and modern thermal efficiency a winning combination. The second is fabricators looking to add a specialist product to their portfolio without needing to dedicate manufacturing capacity to it. And the third are established VEKA fabricators who want to buy in ready-made vertical sliders to complete their own product portfolios.

Modplan’s decision to move the manufacturing of vertical sliders to a dedicated on-site plant came about following a regular review of processes that ensures production is running at optimal levels. A similar review led to patio door production moving into a dedicated on site facility recently. Together the two moves demonstrate the good name that Modplan is developing for its high quality production of specialist portfolio products.

Heidi Sachs says, “We expanded our on-site capacity last year as a result of our growing business. Our experience and expertise means we can look at our production and dedicate space accordingly to maintain efficiency and quality across all product lines. It’s very important to us that our customers know that every Modplan product has been manufactured in-house to the high standards they have come to expect.”

Modplan is renowned for its partnership approach with its customers. The level of passion and commitment Heidi shows when discussing the expansion of production capacity demonstrates exactly why the company has developed this reputation.