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Modplan is on hand to help you make 2017 your best year yet

As we begin to welcome in 2017, thoughts inevitably turn to how you can up your game and achieve greater success. For Heidi Sachs, Managing Director of leading VEKA trade fabricator Modplan, a partnership approach is the answer. “We’re all guilty of thinking we can do things on our own. But the fact is, when you take a partnership approach you can benefit from a wealth of opportunities that might otherwise not be available to you.”

A perfect example of how a partnership approach can benefit your business is in the installer schemes that Modplan offers as a leading VEKA fabricator and longtime member of Network VEKA. Designed to help installers to grow, each offers a different range of benefits at different business levels. All Modplan customers need to do is choose the scheme that’s right for their business and turn to Modplan for support in securing the membership.

The first of these schemes is Network VEKA, which offers a comprehensive support package including lead generation, favourable rates with affiliate suppliers, higher than average order values, legal arbitration and the Network VEKA Academy, which offers onthe-job apprenticeships and traineeship qualifications. On top of all that, there’s the marketing boost of a customer satisfaction level of 97%, which is far higher than the industry average of just 83%.

Next up is Assure, the VEKA UK Group’s Competent Persons Scheme (CPS). Membership of the scheme means you can self-certify your work, saving you time and money on ‘signing off’ installations, as only a small percentage of your work needs to be inspected. Apart from this, the scheme also offers Minimum Technical Competencies (MTCs) assessment, an expert technical helpline, training events to keep installers up-to-speed with changes in regulations and subsidised NVQ study for members.

Finally, there is the VEKA Approved Installer Scheme, which offers impressive lead generation plus professional, personalised marketing support too.

But while the installer schemes are an impressive way to boost your business, they are far from the only benefits that working with Modplan offers. Heidi comments: “Our installer scheme offerings are just part of the story. We are a truly customer-focused business and our mission is to help businesses to grow by providing proactive marketing support, technical advice and customer service. And of course, our product range is one of the most comprehensive in the business, all manufactured in-house to our exacting standards.”

So if you’re looking to make 2017 your best year yet, Modplan is a very good place to start.

Modplan manufactures and provides a comprehensive range of products that includes Matrix 58, Veka Matrix 70 and 70FS, Veka Vertical sliders, a dedicated painting facility, PVC-u patio and bifold doors, conservatories, the Vertex Open Canopy, the Vertex roof system for polycarbonate, glass or tile effect, Wendland roofing system and the newly added Ultrasky, Livin room and LEKA Warm Roof. For more information on any of the Modplan’s products and support, simply Ask the Man from Modplan.