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Modplan launches patio door aluminium low profile threshold

Leading VEKA fabricator Modplan has just launched an aluminium low profile threshold for its patio doors. Chris Reeks, Modplan’s Sales Manager, said, “This latest addition to our range will prove popular with homeowners and specifiers alike. Homeowners will love the way it seamlessly links the inside and outside, while specifiers will love the fact it’s Part M compliant and suitable for wheelchair users.”

With a threshold of just 20mm, the aluminium low profile threshold is very unobtrusive and clearly offers both aesthetic and practical benefits, making it a useful product to have in your portfolio. It’s available in silver and gold finishes, so it can complement the patio door profile.

The threshold is suitable for single sliding two pane patios up to 3100mm in width, meaning it will be suitable for a wide range of projects, and has been weather tested to BS6375 Part 1 and BS:EN 12211.

The threshold can be used in a wide variety of settings, although, as with all low profile thresholds, use in very exposed or coastal locations is not recommended. For further advice, the Modplan sales department will be happy to help. Like all Modplan products, the sales team have received extensive training on the threshold and will have access to all the information that installers need, making them a valuable source of help and advice.

Chris concludes, “The VEKA patio door aluminium low threshold is a solid, useful addition to any portfolio because it creates an elegant but compliant finish.”

For more information contact Modplan on 01495 246844.