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Modplan opens up a world of colour

VEKA trade fabricator Modplan’s dedicated paint plant opened in 2014 and sales of the manufacturer’s coloured products have increased rapidly since then. The company recently reported an increase in sales of its coloured products both in paint finish and woodgrain.

Heidi Sachs, Modplan’s Managing Director, said: “Having our own dedicated paint plant means we have rapid turnaround times on our coloured products. We have a maximum lead time of two to three weeks on all coloured products. Feedback from our customers tells us that this has made colour a lot more accessible and helped them add value to their contracts more easily.”

Modplan’s paint plant opens up a world of colour for installers. Frames can be painted in any RAL colour and a wide range of finishes is also available, including woodgrain effects. This means any products not yet available in a foiled finish can be spray painted to match foiled items, creating a streamlined and complete look across multiple products. Modplan also offers an all-over colour solution because as well as spraying the interior and exterior frames, the areas that are visible when the window is open are also sprayed, something that gives a much more sophisticated result.

Aside from wanting to make colour more accessible by improving turnaround times, the other reason Modplan opened a dedicated paint plant was to be able to offer unparalleled quality in this area. The fabricator uses technology, which forms a molecular cross bond with the plastic surface for a longer lasting finish, unlike most other paints for plastics which stick to the substrate. Heidi comments: “Bringing colour in-house and using state- of-the-art processes means we can guarantee the colour and quality first time every time and we are not relying on any third parties. It’s something our customers really value.”

Modplan is renowned in the industry for its partnership approach that helps its customers to grow their businesses. The company’s dedicated paint plant was opened to help its customers add value to their sales. And the recent sales increase in painted products, proves it’s doing exactly that.

Modplan manufactures and provides a comprehensive range of products that includes Matrix 58, Veka Matrix 70 and 70FS, Veka Vertical sliders, a dedicated painting facility, PVC-u patio and bifold doors, conservatories, the Vertex Open Canopy, the Vertex roof system for polycarbonate, glass or tile effect, Wendland roofing system and the newly added Ultrasky, Livin room and LEKA Warm Roof. For more information on any of the Modplan’s products and support, simply Ask the Man from Modplan.