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Modplan reveals the best way to grow your business

Ask Heidi Sachs, Managing Director of leading Network VEKA trade fabricator Modplan, about the best way to grow a business and her answer is simple. “Become a member of Network VEKA.” She goes on to explain, “All our customers are seeing increasing sales at the moment and we’re delighted to be supporting them with a wide range of products and a genuinely valuable marketing support package. But it’s striking that sales from businesses that are Network VEKA approved members are considerably higher than from businesses that aren’t members.”

The bigger sales from Network VEKA members demonstrate that Network VEKA’s package of a local company backed up with national strength and stability is very appealing to homeowners, particularly as we emerge from recession and any investment is more carefully considered than ever.

Membership of the scheme also brings other benefits for installers including:

  • extended product guarantees on products including hardware to reduce the cost of remedials
  • an exclusive ten year insurance-backed guarantee for additional customer peace of mind
  • consumer feedback from Satisfaction Surveys to provide independently audited confirmation of quality standards
  • a comprehensive support package including a marketing toolkit
  • increased credibility through association with a quality organisation
  • web-based marketing and advertising to help bring more customers in.

In short, membership gives installers the tools to close more deals and make more profits.

Heidi says, “Our comprehensive marketing package, Marketing Matters, was developed to help our customers drive sales and achieve a competitive edge. Supporting customers seeking to achieve Network VEKA membership is a part of that package.”

Heidi’s comment suggests another answer to the question of how to grow a business: join Modplan. The company’s commitment to its customers is clear, something that is proved by last year’s record sales figures. The figures show that Modplan customers are well-placed to take advantage of the upturn thanks to unparalleled personal support from the Modplan team. Add membership of Network VEKA to the package and you really have got yourself a business that can beat the competition!

To find out how you could grow your business by being part of a proactive and dynamic partnership with Modplan and Network VEKA, give Modplan a call on 01495 246844.