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Modplan upgrades shootbolt for value-added performance

Leading Network VEKA trade fabricator Modplan has just announced that it is upgrading the shootbolts used in its products. From the end of July, all Modplan products will feature the M-SPAG shootbolt from MACO. Chris Reeks, Modplan’s Sales Manager, said, “Quality is extremely important to us and we continually evaluate our product components to ensure we are offering our customers the best combination of quality and value. We chose the M-SPAG shootbolt after an extensive review of the market because it offers a wealth of features and benefits that will enhance our products and, in turn, our customers’ portfolios.”

The new shootbolt has a unique and flexible patented design. It can accommodate larger sashes than its predecessor and can also be positioned off-centre when a low handle height is needed. The security features mean it exceeds the current required standards and it has been performance tested to European standards, and furthermore is approved under the MACO Secure Plus guarantee scheme. For installations in high humidity or coastal areas, an optional Tricoat finish offers unparalleled corrosion resistance.

Chris said, “We believe the M-SPAG is the best shootbolt for our products on the market. It has the additional advantage of being supplied by MACO, who also supplied our previous shootbolt, so we know they have an excellent track record for quality and reliability, which we need in order to maintain our own reputation. We are rolling out the new shootbolt throughout July and are looking forward to hearing what our customers think of the new component.”

Modplan manufactures and provides a comprehensive range of products that includes three VEKA profiles, a vertical slider, composite doors, PVC-u and aluminium patio and bi-fold doors, conservatories, the Vertex solid tile-effect roof and glass and polycarbonate conservatory roofs. For more information on any of Modplan’s products, including the revolutionary Imagine Bi-Fold Door, simply Ask the Man from Modplan.