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Modplan’s CE marking support marks it out

As 1 July gets closer, the need to become compliant with the new CE marking legislation becomes more pressing. Heidi Sachs, Modplan’s Managing Director said, “Our research shows that many people are still getting to grips with the new legislation and how it affects them. Our products have been CE marked for several years now thanks to our successful European market supply operation, so we’re well placed to offer practical advice and support to our customers on the options open to them.”

To equip its customers with the information they need, Modplan has been running a series of well-attended regional seminars that have focussed, amongst other things, on the various routes to CE marking and give details of the support the company can offer in gaining compliance.

Customers’ already buying glazed frames from Modplan have the simplest option: with CE marked frames already being manufactured, customers will already be compliant with the new legislation! However, for customers who buy unglazed frames from Modplan and their glass from elsewhere, Modplan can offer two further options to assist with compliance.

The first is to carry on ordering as they are at the moment. This means they will be classed as a ‘manufacturer’ under the new legislation and will need to get their relevant products CE marked. Modplan is able to support customers wishing to go down this route by providing hands on information and documentation templates.

The second option is to take the “administered glass” route which allows customers to concentrate on selling windows not dealing with paperwork. That’s because in this option, customers can continue to order their glass from their current supplier but Modplan will administer the paperwork and provide all the relevant documentation and CE marking for the products!

Alongside the information presented on CE marking, the seminar also looked at Assure, the government-backed scheme operated by Network VEKA, of which Modplan is a member. The scheme can work with businesses to help them with the Competent Person Scheme, Minimum Technical Competence, insurance-backed guarantees and the government’s Green Deal.

Customers attending the seminar were also introduced to Modplan’s new marketing support package, which provides a suite of practical tools to help customers secure sales.

Changes in legislation can mean critical times for businesses and the support of knowledgeable partners is vital. Modplan’s practical experience in CE marked products, plus its willingness to go the extra mile to support its customers in gaining compliance marks it out as a business that understands the importance of sharing knowledge and adding value.