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Modplan’s training centre adds value to their customers’ businesses

Modplan’s new training facility opened at the end of last year as part of its new customer centre and has proved a huge hit with the company’s customers. Heidi Sachs, Modplan’s Managing Director, says: “We value all our customers and want to build long-term partnerships with them. Our training facility helps them get the most out of everything we have to offer.”

Heidi comments that customers have found the training facility valuable in a number of ways.

“We offer value-added products such as the newly launched LEKA warm roof and our Vertex roof system which installers are keen to add to their portfolio. Our training facility means they can get to grips with the products and understand best practice installation methods. It gives them peace of mind they’ll be delivering an exceptional service to all their customers from day one. They can also send new fitters for training to get them up to speed quickly without impacting on their own installation schedules.”

The training facility is also being used for the complete range of products that Modplan supplies. Heidi says: “Installers will often come to the training centre when they’ve added a new product to their portfolio and want to learn what it has to offer. Equally, they’ll come along when they’ve had a product in their portfolio for a while and want to take their product knowledge to the next level.”

She concludes: “We’re delighted to see so many of our customers taking advantage of what the centre has to offer because their commitment to excellence reflects our own.”

Modplan is famed for its partnership approach and aims to add tangible value to all its customers’ businesses. Alongside its comprehensive product range, which is all manufactured in house, it offers a standard turnaround time of just seven to 10 days, with a fast track service also available. The products are backed up with a range of other benefits including bespoke sales and marketing support, a visitor centre and genuinely proactive customer service that is committed to giving installers what they need to succeed.

Modplan manufactures and provides a comprehensive range of products that includes Matrix 58, Veka Matrix 70 and 70FS, Veka Vertical sliders, a dedicated painting facility, PVC-u patio and bifold doors, conservatories, the Vertex Open Canopy, the Vertex roof system for polycarbonate, glass or tile effect, Wendland roofing system and the newly added Ultrasky, Livin room and LEKA Warm Roof. For more information on any of the Modplan’s products and support, simply Ask the Man from Modplan.