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A strong first quarter for Modplan

Leading Network VEKA trade fabricator Modplan is celebrating a strong first quarter of 2014 and with exciting plans for the rest of year, it’s a trend that looks set to continue. Heidi Sachs, Modplan’s Managing Director, said, “A large number of our customers are reporting higher than expected sales. All our three casement systems are over performing along with sales for our tiled roofing. Quite simply, sales have outstripped targets since January.”

One particular highlight is sales of Modplan’s Vertical Slider. Sales in the past month have doubled and look set to grow still further as the year goes on. Heidi says, “Customers are finding that our vertical slider is a valuable addition to their portfolio because homeowners appreciate what it offers. In response to this current trend we have invested heavily in relocating the production to its own dedicated facility and creating the capacity to meet the demand.”

In other production developments, this month will see Modplan’s new Kolorbond spray facility open. The new, larger facility will enable Modplan to meet the growing demand for sprayed finishes by improving efficiency and increasing capacity. Modplan are also about to launch their new Supa tiled roof with a U value of just 0.18 which will help make a conservatory much more thermally efficient.

Elsewhere in the business, the company has recently launched the eagerly awaited low threshold for the Inline Sliding Patio Door. Available in silver and gold finish, the threshold is Part M compliant and suits 2 pane patios up to 3100mm in length. Heidi says, “We take pride in listening to our customers and responding to their needs. It became clear that the low threshold would help them secure more patio sales, so this is an important addition to our portfolio for our customers.”

Modplan is renowned in the industry for its customer service levels and for the “Modplan mission” – to continually exceed its customers’ expectations and expand its product range to meet the needs of an ever-changing marketplace. Its commitment to supporting its customers is clearly demonstrated in its investment in new production facilities and new product launches. And the success of this approach is demonstrated in its strong sales.