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Windows Are Us celebrates relationship with its fabrication partner, Modplan

Stratford upon Avon trade and retail fabricator Windows Are Us switched fabrication partners in January this year, choosing Modplan as the new partner. Ten months on, we caught up with Ryan Rose, WAU’s partner, to find out how the partnership is working.

Switching fabrication partners is a big decision to make and not one to take lightly, so Ryan and his team researched the market carefully to find the company that was right for them. “We struggled with previous suppliers to get real quality service. We appreciate that everyone has issues with suppliers, but it’s how you react to those issues as a supplier that makes the difference to us as installers. We are a family run business and having to go back on to jobs after issues with product costs us money –cashflow is king in these tough times, so we had to take action.” So what did Modplan offer that was so appealing and – crucially – has the company lived up to expectations? “We have a dedicated accounts manager, Colin Hart, who has been great. He is always on hand and it’s one phone call and things are sorted, it’s not passing from pillar to post. A big thanks also has to go to Chris Reekes, Sales Manager, who has been more of a colleague than a business associate. We have been very impressed with Modplan, the efficiency and support we get has been fabulous and long may it continue.”

It seems that the product portfolio is living up to expectations too, not least because its wide range gives WAU entry into all its target markets. “We’ve got an exceptional product range with the VEKA FS 70 system. The Variations range has also been great for us: the varied colours and styles allow the customer to achieve whatever they wish. It means we really can rival wood quality and finish more than ever and cater for all tastes and budgets within the UPVC side of things. Modplan also give us the option of the more cost effective suites to allow us to be highly competitive in the trade-only side of things and allow us to build a regular portfolio of local builders and companies.” Ryan adds, “Product quality has been great. If we have had any issues or suggestions Modplan listen and take things on board to try and improve. But overall the product is of a very high quality and is manufactured very well.”

There was one other aspect of what Modplan had to offer that appealed to WAU. Ryan explains, “The most important thing we have seen over the last five years is the introduction of great marketing packages from fabrication companies. This was a key factor for us when moving suppliers. We needed more than just a fabricator, we needed a company that would help drive the business forward through dedicated marketing initiatives and Modplan have been great. Working closely with VEKA, Modplan have brought fantastic marketing packages that do make a real difference. We have also just joined the VEKA approved installer scheme.”

Ryan concludes, “It is more crucial than ever for fabricators and installers to work together because the more we sell as installers, the more everyone benefits.” And judging by Ryan’s reaction to the first ten months as a Modplan partner, it seems that working together is proving more than beneficial for all involved!