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On a winning run with Modplan

A combination of exceptional products and genuinely committed customer service has been winning VEKA trade fabricator Modplan increasing numbers of customers. But winning new business isn’t the only success story at Modplan at the moment. Also proving a success is the horse that Modplan owns and competes in British Eventing competitions, Penstrumbly Barnacle Bill, known as Charlie.

Charlie and his trainer, Luis Principe, have been proving formidable competitors in the challenging event, which tests both horse and rider to the full. The pair did exceptionally well in the 2012 season and look set to repeat that success in the 2013 season, which started in June.

The sport features three different disciplines: dressage, show jumping and cross country, each designed to test a different set of skills. The sport is run on a cumulative penalty basis and the competitor with least penalties at the end of each competition is the winner.

David Burles, Chairman of the Burles Group plc, Modplan’s parent company, says, “Penstrumbly Barnacle Bill might be his official registered name, but as that’s such a mouthful we call him Charlie. Watching Charlie compete is always exciting. To be successful, horse and rider need to be a real partnership and that’s exactly what they are.”

Given that Modplan’s commitment to building strong partnerships with each of its customers is proving such a winning strategy too, it’s clear that the partnership approach is paying off for the company both in business and in competition!