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The Art of Design

Fascinatingly unique:  Discover VEKA SPECTRAL

An exclusive material developed by VEKA Group which will revolutionise the PVCu windows and doors industry.

This innovative surface uses groundbreaking patented technology to create an ultrasmooth, ultramatt finish that has unrivalled performance benefits. More than just a fashion fad, a matt finish is now as popular as a textured surface and is the choice for modern and stylish projects. It has been the most popular preference for architects and designers for years, but this sophisticated aesthetic is now in demand by insightful, style-conscious consumers.

Sophisticated Shades

SPECTRAL is available in four sophisticated shades – Platinum Grey, Umbra Grey, Anthracite Grey and Graphite Black. These specialist colours are made to order with a four week lead time.

You can choose to laminate one or both sides of your product. One sided laminates will be manufactured on a White base profile, or if you’re laminating both sides, you can select a White, Brown or Caramel base. SPECTRAL can also be used in conjunction with other colours from the VEKA Group Variations range. For example, you can select a Variations White Woodgrain on the internal face and SPECTRAL in Anthracite Grey on the external face.

Style with Substance

With its clean bevelled design M70 offers the contemporary look that consumers demand. With slimmer sightlines and leading thermal performance, M70 offers an alternative to aluminium and timber with the advanced performance associated with PVCu. This 70mm fully integrated multichambered system includes steel reinforcement for additional durability, security and thermal efficiency.

SPECTRAL is only available on bevelled or flat surfaces.

Exceptional Performance

SPECTRAL uses next generation surface technology to create an extraordinary finish that simply cannot be matched by any other matt PVCu surface on the market.

Highly durable, SPECTRAL is extremely scratch resistant and anti fingerprint. This special surface is also resistant to UV light, extreme weather conditions and harsh chemicals. Dirt can be wiped away with ease for a product that stays beautiful for longer than the average laminate. SPECTRAL reflects less light than most ‘flat matt’ finishes, generating an ultramatt appearance that absorbs rather than reflects light. This unique interaction with light creates a denser, richer quality of colour for a unique appeal.

Smooth and velvet like to the touch

The perfect option when looking for traditional styling with modern PVCu performance, FlushSash sits true to the frame, offering the traditional understated elegance
of timber.

Crafted using high specification VEKA or Halo profile, with a choice of mechanical or fully welded joints, FlushSash is as versatile as it is beautiful. It has a host of modern benefits including a multichamber internal construction for energy efficiency, robust security features and weatherproofing.

SPECTRAL is only available on bevelled or flat surfaces.

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