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Marketing support

Marketing Support

Marketing can appear to be a resource and budget hungry element of any business, developing and more importantly delivering a solid strategic approach to your target market audience should be a seriously ‘considered’ project and discussed with experts.

Traditional advertising, websites, social media, online advertising, remarketing, opportunity conversion, automated marketing solutions…. You may use some, all or none of these. This is where Modplan can assist.

Unlike many other suppliers, we focus on our customer’s individual requirements and budget restrictions. Focusing on “ROI “(Return on investment) we want to help you develop the tools we use in house for your business.

Throughout our business we have gained extensive knowledge and experience, using internal experts and external resource who are all available to give you independent help in developing your brand.

It’s NOT just about a good website…

Yes, a fully responsive, well designed website is important but it’s the work around the website is more important. You can have the coolest website on the internet but if nobody is aware of you, your brand or your website, no-one will know how to find your website.

Online marketing has changed, more and more companies claim to be experts in your field and have the price tag to match. Social media platforms, Google, etc all offer great resource in delivering results but they come at a cost. If your strategy is not correct from the outset, you could be throwing money down the drain.

We can help you select the tools that are best suited to your business, enabling you to present your business the best way possible to your new customers.

Let’s get social

The most effective way of communicating with your customers and prospects, not everyone is a fan of Facebook, etc but let’s focus on the facts, Facebook (as an example) has 42.27 million individual users in the UK. We are not saying that all users are logged on minute by minute basis BUT a huge percentage of your customers are “online” via apps and looking for recommendations and proof of “how good you are”.

Marketing and sales go hand in hand

One goes alongside the other, without marketing, your sales teams are frustrated with lack of leads, without sales, your leads go to waste and your marketing budget is wasted.

We are not trying to teach you how to “suck eggs” all we are trying to say is “Modplan are here to help”. We can start with a simple assessment of your business, offer advice, suggest new solutions, discuss budgets and through joint planning we can help you develop a real marketing strategy focused on generating additional sales revenue.

Why is this important? Because if you are selling more …. We are selling more, the better you do, the better we do! Modplan focus on Partnerships not just being a supplier of product.

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