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Casement Windows

At Modplan, we manufacture casement windows using four different window systems. The versatility of our casement windows enables you to offer your customers a wider product choice. Using high quality VEKA window systems, our casement windows are all high performing and meet stringent industry regulations. For a hassle-free installation every time, choose casement windows from Modplan.

Casement Windows

Our Casement window offers an efficient, versatile window in a wide range of styles and finishes, offering complete flexibility for every installation. PVCu casement windows continue to be one of the most popular choices among homeowners in the UK.

Using the Veka system, we can manufacture a range of options, including Matrix 70 Chamfered & Matrix Fully Sculptured.

Available in a stunning array of colours, whether it is from the standard stock colours or the spectrum of variation foil offering, Modplan can supply you a unprecedented range of options. The range is available with Secured by Design accreditation


VEKA Matrix 70 Chamfered

As one of the most widely specified systems in the industry, the MATRIX 70 lets you create virtually any style or design of window or door in any type of building. Offering you
much greater flexibility and control on the jobs you are working on.

VEKA Group have pioneered the design and manufacture of window systems in the UK for over 30 years to become the most specified in the world. First launched in 1986 the Matrix 70 has undergone continued investment to evolve into the classic it is today. In terms of technical performance and features for installers, fabricators and homeowners Matrix 70 has them all.

Matrix Fully Sculptered

Take a look at the stylish lines of the VEKA Fully Sculptured Window System and you will see PVCu in a new light. As technically advanced as it is beautiful, Matrix FS rewrites the rules, adding a softer, more rounded look to suit any home, whatever its size or vintage. Its perfectly balanced curves and slender sight lines create a unique appearance that blends with the character of classical architecture but is equally at ease in the most contemporary of homes. Matrix FS is the latest in a long heritage of VEKA PVCu frame technology that has stood the test of time in some of the world’s largest and most prestigious building projects as well as literally millions of private homes.

Park Home Casement Windows

Modplan has a strong history in the Park Home market place, supplying many of the market leading Park Home manufacturers in the UK.

We offer a wide choice of odd-leg casement window options including Chamfered and Sculptured profiles in the size that you specify. With a vast range of colours available, we continue to set the standard for Park Home manufacturers.

Meeting the standards required by the park homes manufacturers’ regulatory body, windows can be supplied with non locking handles, 90 degree hinges and the appropriate trickle vents in one complete delivery to ensure efficient and effective build of park homes or refurbishment projects.

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