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Since July 2013, all window and door products which are covered by a harmonised standard must have CE marking and a Declaration of Performance certificate. This regulation is part of the Construction Products Regulation which affects all installers who buy in ready made products and sealed units, and all manufacturers. At Modplan, all our products are CE marked. We employ a CE Marking Champion who can provide support to installers who glaze in-house. We can also offer assistance in achieving MTC (Minimum Technical Competence) certification. According to current Building Regulations, all window fitters and surveyors must be able to prove that they are MTC accredited and provide an insurance backed guarantee on all work completed. Regular training is required to stay up to date with industry changes and comply with British Standards.

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CE Marking and Minimum Technical Competence

There are two big changes in legislation affecting the window industry that are about to come into force. Here at Modplan we have all the information you need and can offer you all the support you want to ensure you remain compliant.

CE marking

As of 1 July 2013, all window and door products that are covered by a harmonised standard need to be CE marked and be accompanied by a Declaration of Performance certificate. This regulation is part of the Construction Products Regulation, which replaces the existing Construction Products Directive.

The regulations affect:

  • installers who buy in readymade products because you need to satisfy yourself your suppliers are compliant
  • installers who buy in sealed units because you are classed as a manufacturer under the new regulations and will need to CE mark your products.
  • manufacturers because you will need to ensure your products are compliant

All our products are CE marked, so installers who source their fabricated products from us are compliant too. We have also appointed a CE Marking Champion who is available to give you all the support you need to achieve compliance if you are a fabricator or installer who glazes in-house.   

Minimum Technical Competence

We are also in a position to help you as the requirement to prove Minimum Technical Competence (MTC) comes into force. Under Building Regulations (England and Wales), by 6 June 2014 every window fitter and surveyor will need to prove an MTC and provide an insurance-backed guarantee. Proof of these will be your ID card, which shows you have a knowledge of Building Regulations and British Standards, undertake regular training and development and are audited once every three years.

As members of Network VEKA we are part of its Assure scheme. It means we have access to a wealth of support we can use to help you achieve MTC. The Assure scheme by Network VEKA will provide all the necessary training, certification and access to IBGs as required to comply with the CPS regulations.

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