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PVCu Bifold Doors

PVCu bifold doors are a stylish addition to any product portfolio. They allow your customers to create a seamless transition between their interior and exterior areas. Their innovative side stacking opening system neatly folds back to allow full access to and from a building. PVCu bifold doors can be installed in both residential and commercial situations to maximise space and minimise viewing obstructions.

Imagine PVCu bifold door system

At Modplan, we manufacture Imagine PVCu bifold doors using high performance Veka systems. Veka is a world leader in the production of sustainable PVCu systems. Their high quality profiles have been used in installations across the globe. PVCu bifold doors are an increasingly popular choice in a wide variety of applications across the UK. Their innovative opening system is an excellent alternative to sliding patio or swing door options. If you regularly carry out installations at high-end properties, PVCu bifold doors are an essential addition to your product range. Offer your customers fully customisable PVCu bifold doors manufactured and supplied by Modplan.

Imagine PVCu bifold door system features

  • Multi-facet door panels
  • Two-pane to seven-pane configurations
  • Powder finished in any RAL colour
  • Grey gasket
  • Inward or outward opening
  • Concertina style opening
  • Profile colour match with VEKA products

Bring the outside in

Imagine a garden party where you could relax in the comfort of your favourite armchair and still feel part of the fun. Imagine a gentle summer breeze carrying the scent of freshly cut grass into your home.

We pride ourselves on going beyond the simple definition of ‘indoors’ and ‘outdoors’, thinking our way past walls and windows to imagine a space that is the very best of both. Our Range of Imagine Bi-Fold Doors is designed to fully open up your room to the garden, creating an entirely new living space that is neither ‘in’ nor ‘out’, but that combines the best attributes of the two.

Blurring the lines between where a home ends and a garden begins, our Bi-Fold Doors create unique living spaces as versatile as they are beautiful. They are a stunning alternative to French or Patio Doors and can be installed so that the doors sit inside or outside the property when folded back – the choice is yours.

Of course, as well as being a beautiful way to bridge the gap between your home and garden, they can also be used to separate rooms within your home creating a truly unique and adaptable space

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