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LEKA Orangery Roof

An orangery roof from LEKA will give your customers unrivalled levels of performance for their home extension.

LEKA Orangery Roof System

This provides lighter and better, Orangery roof insulation. We will explain how the only roof system of its kind in the world can transform your existing Orangery or enhance your proposed new Orangery project.

  • Strong GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) rafters
  • High thermal performance ratings
  • Available with full sales software
  • Approved installation training available
  • After sales lead generation advice
  • Significantly lighter than other roof systems
  • Fully glazed lantern roof

Strong, load-bearing and insulated outer sheets are added. These ensure less roofing bars and higher efficiency.

Our Leka outer boards have been engineered to offer: a structural alternative to plywood, a significantly lighter alternative to any other roof covering board, a 100% waterproof outer covering and thermally efficient board. An outer weatherproof coating is then applied by your installation company. This will provide final waterproofing along with a stylish finish, ensuring that your Orangery roof is the ultimate in watertight insulation.

The LEKA orangery roof system can be installed as part of a new orangery installation or as a replacement roof option. The GRP rafters are insulated with Celotex sheets which are BBA accredited for their outstanding thermal efficiency. Load bearing insulated outer sheets are added to provide a 100% waterproof outer covering which will safely support the lantern roof. Once installed, a final coat of waterproofing is applied before the glass roof lantern is lowered onto the supporting structure. Once the lantern roof is installed, the fascias, soffits, and guttering can be attached to direct rainwater away from the property. Inside the glazed extension, LEKA sheets are fitted underneath the rafters. These can accept a traditional plaster skim to create a stylish internal finish and can incorporate spotlights for an attractive interior ambience.

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