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Modplan launches their new website

New Modplan Website

Website and online presence vastly improved by Modplan. Leading VEKA trade fabricator Modplan has just launched its new website as part of a shift in how it communicates with its UK customers as well as ensuring new prospects understand the Modplan proposition and product range. Justin Williams, International Sales and Marketing Director at Modplan, said: “For the past 5 years we have developed bespoke software for our Export customers so they can design windows & conservatories and order them via our online portal.  It’s made communications easier; reduced turnaround and meant silly mistakes like how a Norwegian writes a 1 (it looks like a 7!) were eliminated.  “The new Modplan web site has taken what we have learnt in that time and apply it to our UK trade customers.  That is our primary objective; to make our customers life easier. “Digital is an essential part of the marketing mix these days and we’ve invested heavily in developing a website that delivers what our customers need. The new website encapsulates the Modplan approach: it’s customer-focused and straightforward.”

“For example, we have developed a system that would allow a fitter to photograph anything onsite and raise a non-conformance report instantly that would allow Modplan to react to get the job back on track.  All the data is then available on a dashboard to review with our customers to identify improvements we both can make.”  “Modplan also use the data to drive improvements with our suppliers to benefit our customers.

Every section of the site has been carefully thought through so it’s intuitive and easy-to-navigate. Visitors can browse the website from any device as it’s fully responsive across all platforms.

“Prospective customers are able to see our product range more clearly and chat with our staff during office hours with any queries. Neil Gater, Marketing and Communications Manager comments: “As a business we are continually focused on helping our customers. The live chat function extends our services even further.” In the first week of launching we have already had 4 new trade enquiries with 3 meetings confirmed.”

Justin continues “Modplan customers will have access to our new portal where brochure downloads and technical data will be available”.  “For our customers who operate multiple sites we can also to introduce some of the dashboard functionality we use for Export customers to show site by site performance on a range of metrics”.

Most importantly, the new website meets all the requirements of the new General Data Protection Regulation because protecting customers’ privacy is a responsibility Modplan takes very seriously.

Press Release: Modplan: 14th August, 2018