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Put an end to the ‘too hot/too cold’ dilemma

We all believe in the conservatory dream – we all sell the conservatory dream too. A gorgeous, light-filled space that adds extra space to your home, not to mention value. A room that will enhance your lifestyle and become your favourite room in the house. For many homeowners investing in a conservatory, this is exactly what they get. East or west-facing conservatories catch the morning or the evening sun and are glorious rooms to spend time in. In short, they are everything the homeowner wanted from their conservatory. Unfortunately, not every homeowner is as fortunate.

For lots of people, an east- or west-facing conservatory isn’t an option and they need to have a north- or south-facing one instead. And we all know the problems associated with these. People with north-facing conservatories will find that their beautiful room is only pleasant to spend time in when it’s thoroughly (and, these days, expensively) heated or on the hottest days of summer. People with southfacing conservatories get the sun pouring in, meaning that without blinds and/or air conditioning, it’s all but unusable on the days when they should be delighting in their conservatory’s existence.

Heating is easy to install, as are blinds or air conditioning, but will cause considerable cost, mess and disruption. In the case of heating and air conditioning, they will result in extra energy use too, increasing a home’s running costs and making the upkeep expensive. And blinds fade and deteriorate dramatically in bright sunlight and quickly start to look dated and tatty. Besides which, these solutions are not ones that add value to your bottom line! In fact, they are solutions likely to give conservatory installers a bad name because of the disappointing and expensive reality of the homeowner’s conservatory.

Happily, there is one solution that solves all these problems quickly and easily. A Vertex tile-effect conservatory roof. It can be fitted onto a newbuild conservatory, giving the homeowner the benefits of a conservatory combined with the benefits of a traditional extension. It can also be retro-fitted, helping to make a conservatory a genuinely year-round space – and giving you a great opportunity to revisit sales.

A Vertex tile-effect roof dramatically improves the u-value of a conservatory, meaning the problem of heating or cooling the conservatory is removed and the running costs are reduced. For both you and the homeowner, one of the most obvious advantages of a Vertex tile-effect roof is the ease of fitting. In most cases, it’s a one-day job thanks to the unique one-piece peripheral main beam which also incorporates an integral gutter. There is no need to coordinate with wet trades because none are needed: the only trade required is an electrician to deal with the any electrics. This makes life easy for you – and will be a dream for the homeowner who will be anticipating a great deal of upheaval and a room that will require decorating once you’ve left. One of the most obvious concerns homeowners have when presented with the Vertex concept is that they’ll lose the lightness and brightness they associate with a conservatory. But this is far from the case. Vertex tile-effect roofs have a white interior roof, so the light levels are preserved and they can be partially glazed with the use of muntin bars too, giving homeowners the best of both worlds. They also benefit from reduced maintenance – the solid roof means an end to messy and dangerous roof cleaning activities, and furthermore there is no need for repainting as with a traditional plaster finish roof.

The ‘tiles’ are red, grey, green or black as standard, with any other RAL colour also available, so homeowners can tailor the roof to their requirements. They are suitable for Victorian, Edwardian, P-shaped and porch conservatories, so they are an option for most homeowners. The roof is cut into the tiles of the house’s existing roof, creating a seamless, elegant finish and whilst the ring beam is constructed from pultruded GRP, the roof bars are aluminium, so the whole structure is strong enough to withstand the heaviest snowfall.

A recent National Home Improvement Survey found that 40.4% of people looking to make home improvements are planning them for this spring, with a further 22.9% planning it for the summer. A Vertex tile-effect roof provides a fantastic opportunity for you to claim some of this investment with a genuinely useful and practical home improvement that’s so quick and easy to fit everyone will be left happy.